Fingernail Yellow Spots

My camera makes yellow spots look white. In real life they look like pimples under my nail

Spots like pimples under nail

March 21, 2011 – yesterday evening I noticed yellow spots under my right thumbnail. In real life they look like pimples under my fingernail, which is different than the white spots that appear when there’s huge stress. Sadly my camera does not reproduce colors very accurately.

These yellow spots are in reddish coloring at the top of my thumbnail, so I’m not surprised to read that spots like this can be a sign of infection.

My guess is that my spots are related to the dental implants I have left. Last summer I thought the reddish line under my thumbnail would go away after I had the dental implant removed that was clearly infected. But, the line didn’t go completely away, which makes me think the other two implants are infected, but not as badly.

Ibuprofen weakens jaw bone and may aid infection

It worries me that I’ve been taking Ibuprofen since last October,due to hurting my back. Ibuprofen is bad for the jaw bone, according to a periodontist I trust, so I’m thinking that I may be helping the infection due to this long use of Ibuprofen.

I’ve reduced my Ibuprofen use: from 2 every 6 hours, to 2 every 8 hours, to 1 every 8 hours, and now to one a day. I ordered Astaxanthin to help with the pain, per reviews at Vitacost. But it apparently takes a couple weeks to get working to its full strength.I’m worried that Ibuprofen contributed to the grinding noise my left hip recently began to make, so I’ve ordered Glucosamine-Chondroitin.

Pictures of Fingernails showing other health signs

Fingernail Yellow Spots
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Fingernail Yellow Spots
Yellow spots may appear under fingernails and look something like pimples. They are different from white spots and can be a sign of infection.
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Health Boundaries
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