Foods with vitamin C

Eat a Daily Dose of Vitamin C

You can easily eat a daily dose of vitamin C, enough to lower your risk of stroke by 67%, or lung cancer by 64%, or death from breast cancer. Plus, vitamin C is a natural antibiotic… Read more.

Below is a list of foods containing vitamin C. Do any of the foods surprise you? I was astonished that oranges have so much less vitamin C than bell peppers, broccoli and brussel sprouts. I would not have guessed. Papayas have a lot of vitamin C, too, but they aren’t quite as handy (at least in terms of garden growing) as bell peppers, broccoli and brussel sprouts.

Fruit and Vegetable Vitamin C Content

FruitsVitamin C content in mg.
Apples, 1 7.87
Apricots, 13.50
Banana, 110.74
Blueberries, 1 cup18.86
Cantaloupe, balls/cubes 1 cup67.52
Cranberries, half cup6.41
Grapefruit, 1 half44.00
Grapes, 1 cup3.68
Kiwi fruit, 157.00
Lemon juice, fresh, quarter cup28.06
Oranges, 170.00
Papaya, 1187.87
Pear, 16.64
Pineapple, 1 cup23.87
Plum, 16.27
Raspberries, 1 cup30.76
Strawberries, 1 cup81.65
Watermelon, balls/cubes, 1 cup14.59

Vegetablesvitamin C content in mg
Asparagus, boiled, 1 cup31.50
Avocado, sliced, 1 cup11.53
Basil, dried, ground, 2 tsp1.84
Beans, green, cooked, 1 cup12.13
Beets, Boiled, 1 cup6.12
Bell peppers, red, raw, 1 cup174.80
Broccoli, steamed, 1 cup123.40
Brussel sprouts, boiled, 1 cup96.72
Cabbage, boiled, 1 cup30.15
Carrots, raw, 1 cup11.35
Cauliflower, boiled, 1 cup54.93
Cayenne pepper, dry, 2 tsp2.72
Celery, raw, 1 cup8.40
Chili pepper, dried, 2 tsp3.84
Cloves, dried, ground, 2 tsp3.56
Collard greens, boiled, 1 cup34.58
Corn, yellow, 1 cup10.16
Cucumbers, slices, with peel, 1 cup5.51
Fennel, raw, sliced, 1 cup10.44
Garlic, 1 ounce8.85
Kale, boiled, 1 cup53.30
Leeks, boiled, half cup2.18
Mushrooms, Shitake, 8 oz5.98
Mustard greens, boiled, 1 cup35.42
Onion greens, chopped, 1 cup18.80
Onions, raw, 1 cup10.24
Oregano, dried, ground, 2 tsp1.52
Parsley, fresh, 2 tbs9.97
Peas, green, boiled, 1 cup22.72
Potato, baked, with skin, 1 cup15.74
Romaine lettuce, 2 cups26.88
Spinach, boiled, 1 cup17.64
Squash, summer, cooked, 1 cup9.90
Squash, winter, baked, 1 cup19.68
Sweet potato, baked, 117.06
Swiss chard, boiled, 1 cup31.50
Tomatoes, ripe, 1 cup34.38
Turnip greens, cooked, 1 cup39.46
Yam (Dioscorea, cooked, 1 cup16.46

Foods with Vitamin C
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Foods with Vitamin C
You can easily eat a daily dose of vitamin C, enough to lower your risk of stroke by 67%, or lung cancer by 64%. Plus, vitamin C is a natural antibiotic.
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Health Boundaries
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