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Today I have five sites covering health, legal issues, solar/off-grid topics, gardening, and looking-at-things. A sitemap for them is presented below. It’s not entirely accurate, though. I haven’t been adding new pages to the map.

My website began with three main areas: Health, Going to Court Pro Se and IRS abuse. “Health-Boundaries-Bite” covered them all. Later I added gardening, solar and goldfish pages.

As mobile devices grew prevalent I tried resizing pages for smaller screens but Yahoo didn’t provide an effective way to do that. Months of trying was time wasted. As was trying GOMOBI, which turned out to be incompatible with PageSpeed.

When lack of mobile compatibility made Google drop my site from its search results I knew I had to recreate my site to be responsive, that is, to show up properly on tablets, mobile devices or desktop computers. To do that I chose a “responsive” WordPress theme and moved to cheaper webhosting so I could afford separate sites.

The health site ~ What you don’t know about vitamin B12 could hurt you.

Basic topics, with drop down menus, are shown at the top if each page. This makes it easy to find information you can use.

What are Health Boundaries?

B12 Malabsorption ~ Robs the benefits of eating well

…..Magnesium is Essential ~ but also tricky to absorb

…..Milk Thistle ~ Good to detox from cyanocobalamin

…..pH, B12 and Health ~ pH and B12 affect your blood

…..Potassium is Essential ~ As B12 heals your blood low potassium levels mean pain.

B12, Bacteria and GMOs ~ All B12 is made by bacteria. Genetically modified food-plants contain pesticide that kills good bacteria

…..GMO vs Organic Nutrient Content ~ Chart shows nutrients, pesticide, formaldehyde

Hypochlorhydria ~ Insufficient gastric acid leaves B12 locked in your food.

Know Your Nerves ~ Damaged nerves cause pain.

Low B12 Symptoms ~ You and a friend may have low B12 levels with different symptoms.

B12 Deficiency is Under Diagnosed ~ Better diagnosis is changing thousands of lives.

Cognitive Disorder ~ Identifying areas of cognitive disorder, like slowed information processing, can be used to stop impairment from progressing in an insidious manner.

Vitamin B12 Research ~ Addressing diabetes, depression, age, memory and more.

B12 History & Pictures ~ From low vitamin B12 being fatal, to eating liver, to lozenges.

My B12 Experience ~ Do you ever feel like you’re getting Alzheimer’s? I did.

ridges on thumbnail

ridges on thumbnail

Your Fingernails Reveal your Health

Fingernails ~ Hippocrates, 400 B.C., said fingernails reveal health.

Fingernail Pictures ~ Showing lines/ridges and the lack of moons

Fingernails and Redness ~ Redness tends to be a sign of infection

Fingernails Lifting ~ Onycholysis is common and easily combated

Fingernail White Spots ~ White spots can appear suddenly

Fingernail Yellow Spots ~ Somewhat like pimples under your nail

B12 Levels

What’s a healthy B12 Level ~ 180 vs 550

Methylcobalamin ~ The active B12

Foods Containing B12 ~ Good to know!

Antacids vs Memory ~ Is your antacid dulling your memory?

Yogurt ~ Yogurt fights h.pylori. That helps you get more B12 and magnesium from food.

…..Diarrhea & h.pylori ~ h.pylori in your stomach lining causes diarrhea and low B12 levels

…..Make your yogurt ~ One of the healthiest things to do is eat yogurt. Making it is easy

…..Increasing yogurt’s B12 ~ Emmentaler cheese has B12 making bacteria. Add it to yogurt

not all in your head 150Diverse Low Vitamin B12 Symptoms

B12 Specific Symptoms ~ What seems like a disease could be a low vitamin B12 symptom

Allergies ~ Surprise! BComplex didn’t raise my B12 level but it got rid of my allergies.

Alzheimer’s ~ Alzheimer’s Disease is associated with very low levels of vitamin B12.

Brain Damage ~ Sometimes what seems like Alzheimer’s is actually low vitamin B12

Diarrhea & h.pylori ~ Diarrhea, stomach ulcers, and low B12 are often caused by h.pylori

     Astaxanthin ~ Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and kills h.pylori

…..Vitamin C ~ Kills h.pylori and offers immense benefits. Watch the astounding video.

…..Foods with Vitamin C ~ You may be surprised at the foods with more C than oranges.

…..Yogurt ~ Inhibits h.pylori

High Homocysteine ~ Linked to many diseases from psoriasis to cancer, B12 lowers levels

Keep your teeth ~ After regular B12 shots for several months plaque no longer built up

…..Forks Over Knives ~ Reverse disease by rejecting animal based foods.

…..Food, Inc. ~ Agribusiness produces unhealthy food.

Numbness ~ Getting rid of numbness: B12 works.

…..Epsom Salts ~ Powerful healing aid

…..Negative Ions ~ Powerfully clean the air and relieve asthma and depression symptoms

…..Problems from Hyperbaric Chamber Use ~ Are problems from depletion of ions

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