2/8/20 ~ I’ve had health problems since sewage from my apartment building kept bubbling and splashing from the pipe beneath my kitchen sink, and my bathtub filled with sewage.

I moved to Soleras Station around August 6, 2019. I was one of the first people to occupy building I. There was a terrible problem with the sewer, Sunday night (August 25, 2019), Monday and Tuesday. There were big air bubbles coming up in the toilet that threw dirty water onto the floor. I kept wiping them up, but when they landed on the skirt of my dress I had to change clothes.

Sewer Backup Aug. 25, 2019

Apparently in construction one of the cleanouts was run over and broken so that  soil went into the sewer line, blocking it. Maintenance told me plumbers were here working on it on Monday, but at 12:45 p.m. when my Care Giver arrived, I had her go and look all around the property for men with a truck working on plumbing. There were none.

8/8/2020 ~ Since the sewage backup on September 27, 2019 when the whole property was blanketed in foul sewer gas, and it was thick in my apartment, my body odor has not been the same as before. There has always been an undertone of a smell in the sewage.

It worries me.

I woke up on September 27, 2019, around 6 a.m. The air in my apartment was thick with the smell of sewage. My bathtub and toilet had sewage in them. I don’t know how long the sewage had been there before I woke up.

I went out to my patio to get some air, but it wasn’t much better outside. No one was answering their phone that early so I left messages for property management and the contractors. Around 8 a.m. the phone were still going to answering machines, except for the owners: Santa Fe Housing Trust answered and I left a message with a person.

Shortly after that the executive director, Justin Robison, came to my apartment.

Mr. Robison and the Housing Trust’s consultant, Guy, had the contractor’s plumber put a camera into the sewer pipe. It showed a ragged edge on one of the pipes catching toilet tissue and quickly obstructing the pipe after it had been pumped.


Up until then, I had been blamed for the sewer backups into my apartment. Property management told me to stop putting feminine hygiene products into the toilet. I was 74 at the time, and not using them. They said, to drive home their theory, that I was the only woman in the building.

That was not true. However, I was the only Anglo woman.

8/8/2020 ~ 1:25 p.m. ~ I’ve been extremely depressed.

My legs give out. It scares me and I walk hunched way over my walker so that I don’t tip it. I’ve been feeling as if this is the first step in me dying.

A few minutes ago I was having a three egg, microwaved brownie on my patio… hoping the chocolate would give me a boost. When a lizard appeared I was happy. They’ve almost always been accompanied by good luck on the day I see them.

But, this lizard was missing most of its tail. Instead of a lovely, long tail there was a stump the size of its head.

It reminded me that lizards have long been an inspiration to me in that I had always heard they could regrow their tail if it was lost in combat, or if someone caught them by the tail, and they lost it in escaping.

I feel as if the universe is telling me I can regenerate.

8/16/2020 ~ It’s hard to believe it’s over a week since I saw the lizard with half a tail. Since then I saw another lizard on my patio, with full tail. I’m not sure what his/her white spots are about.


In any case, today for the first time Since September 27, 2019, I smell like me again.

The whole time I was taking massive amounts of vitamin C, I kept expecting the rash and itching to go away, and my normal body smell to return. But, no.

Maybe the improvement is from eating avocados and mangoes every day. I’ve been doing that for about two months, maybe closer to three. I’m not sure why it would finally have such a significant result today, after so long.

So, maybe the return to “normalcy” is from doubling up on the Milk Thistle I’ve been taking to clear my liver… or, the doubling up on Turmeric.