…When Stress Strikes

polygraph 100It has helped me to understand that stress strikes and causes a reaction. I used to think that I should somehow be able to withstand times of stress without becoming their victim. But, the more I held myself responsible for being hurt by stress, the worse I felt. I have stood up to a lot of people in my life without feeling anywhere near as bad as stress makes me feel.

For instance, as an example, years ago when I let a lot of different people crash at my house, a fellow who had reputedly killed people, took my Tarot deck and Colombian poncho. The poncho was hand loomed. When you looked closely at the fabric, it was quite beautiful. Suede had been added where the poncho had become worn by the arms that had felt its warmth. When I was told who had taken my things, I said I was going to get my poncho, and I went directly to Claude’s Bar on Canyon Road where I was told the “culprit” had gone.

Poncho 200I caught up with him and confronted him. I said I wanted my poncho back. I’m not sure it would be accurate to say he looked surprised, but it is accurate to say he didn’t look angry to see me and hear from me. Yes, he said, he’d give me back my poncho, and the Tarot deck he’d taken. I said he could keep the Tarot deck ~ It had just given me three death cards in a row, following which my grandmother had written that her brother had died. With that, I had decided I didn’t want to know the future.

In contrast, each time Wells Fargo renews its foreclosure efforts I am hit with waves of stress and extreme anxiety that affects my sleep and destroys my sense of well being. I’ve often thought what a weak human being I am, and how exceptionally poor my ability to withstand stress is.

Then my friend, The Great Cheyenne, tweeted some videos to me. To my surprise, seeing videos of plants reacting to stress made me understand that my reaction is not a failing peculiar to me because I’m weak. The videos showed me that what I feel when I am threatened is what living things feel.

Being able to feel my reaction to stress as part of what being alive is, made me feel less guilty for falling victim to the stress attached to Wells Fargo’s foreclosure moves.

The videos help me, a lot, I don’t know if they will help you. Take a look.

Plants have feelings, work by Cleve Backster

Myth Busters decide, “It boggles the mind!”

In a Russian video a cabbage reacts dramatically to another cabbage plant being torn apart, and later, it recognizes the woman who tore the cabbage plant apart.

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