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B12 lozenges for healthy nerves and blood

Cramps from vitamin B12

You can get cramps from vitamin B12 if your magnesium and/or potassium levels are low.

Some years ago I discovered that I sometimes got cramps from vitamin B12. If, for instance, I had a B12 injection in the evening, when I was no longer going to be exercising, it invariably led to leg and foot cramps during the night. If I did 5 minutes of exercise on my Gazelle after a B12 injection in the evening, then I experienced no cramps during the night.

Later I discovered that as long as I had a magnesium tablet before or shortly after an evening vitamin B12 injection, I did not get cramps from vitamin B12.

The cramps aspect of using vitamin B12 surprised me. My original research into vitamin B12 indicated that there was no danger of taking too much B12. Therefore, vitamin B12 was harmless. Suddenly having cramps from vitamin B12 didn’t seem harmless.

On the other hand, it was pretty simple to have a magnesium tablet when I had an evening B12 injection. So, for several years I happily continued to use 5 or more of the 5mg Methylcobalamin lozenges a day. That was about how much I needed in order to not have nose bleeds, feel depressed or have numb feet, among other signs of low vitamin B12 levels. All things considered, it was great to know that as long as I had a magnesium tab;et I didn’t get cramps from vitamin B12.

Methyl-B12 1,000 mcg 100 lozenges

Excruciating cramps from vitamin B12

Then I hurt my back and each time the pain woke me during the night I used another 5mg Methylcobalamin lozenge. I believed it helped with the pain.

It may have helped at first but before long I was getting excruciatingly painful muscle spasms that affected not just all of each of my legs, but also my torso, which was scary.

I hated to think it was possible to take too much B12, still, I cut way back.

It was also around then that I discovered vitamin B12 comes from micro-organisms and that B12 is plentiful in the air and soil.

From reading about B12 originating with micro-organisms I began thinking about how B12 is characterized by its cobalt content. Perhaps, I thought, I have a build-up of the heavy metal cobalt.

With that I looked into what people use to get rid of heavy metals in the body. Turns out it’s cilantro.

I ordered two bottles of cilantro capsules on August 12, 2012 and took them religiously when they first arrived, and for several months thereafter. I also used Milk Thistle, with the thought that if the cilantro was clearing out the heavy metal, I didn’t want it all stuck in my liver.

Today, I’m almost completely fine, and am using more than one 5 mg Methylcobalamin on many days.

B12, Muscle Spasms and Potassium

Sometime after reducing my vitamin B12 intake I once again began having peripheral neuoropathy pain that kept me awake much of the night. Admittedly it was after a lot of stress when I hadn’t used additional Methylcobalamin. (In fact I was getting shingles).

After I tweeted about getting bad cramps from vitamin B12, someone tweeted back about excessively low potassium, known as Hypokalemia. Apparently hypokalemia is reported by many people as a complication of vitamin B12 replacement after deficiency. This is because B12 normalizes blood cells so that they once again grow properly and divide properly, which takes large amounts of potassium, thus depleting circulating stores of the mineral.

There’s a lot of potassium in bananas, potatoes, and many other foods. But, if you’re not eating them, or are eating processed varieties, supplements may seem like the answer. Except, after much looking-for-the-best I found 96 mg was about what I could expect from a potassium tablet or capsule. Whereas we need about 4,700 mg of potassium a day.

I learned that the bicarbonate form of potassium helps alkalize body pH. This is in marked contrast to a chloride form that is acidifing. Potassium in fruits and vegetables is the bicarbonate form. (More information on alkalizing vs acidifying.)

Potassium citrate is readily absorbed, improves calcium balance, and slows the crystallization of calcium-containing kidney stones. Potassium aspartate is already bound to aspartic acid which activates energy-rich phosphates. I’m ordering… Today! And I did, but I never opened them because by the time they arrived I’d learned about Maca and other foods containing potassium.

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Vitamin B12 heals red blood cells. But, if your Magnesium or Potassium levels are low when B12 heals your red blood cells, your muscles may cramp !!!
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