10/23/2015 ~ Jake Bailey killed himself? This young, good looking, successful man, a friend of some of the biggest stars, killed himself? How can this be?

I had to wonder if Jake Bailey had low vitamin B12 levels, which can lead to feeling suicidal. I know, from experience: prior to trying to kill myself I was looking at my fingernails and wondering if the way they looked could possibly be linked in some way to how I felt.

When I did try to kill myself I was found in my car with the exhaust funneled in, and taken unconscious to the hospital where a B12 test was done, as well as tests for drugs. I was clean for drugs, but my B12 results were not so good. It showed “profound B12 anemia.”

Remembering my brush with suicide I began looking for pictures of Jake Bailey that showed his fingernails. I wondered if they would show any signs of low vitamin B12.

In fact, his fingernails show one of two signs of possible low vitamin B12 levels, and that is a lack of moons at the bottom of each fingernail.

The other sign of low B12 that shows up in fingernails is ridges. You can see that Jake Bailey’s fingernails, shown in the picture above, are smooth. He could have filed them smooth, given the work he did, or he could have had only one of the two symptoms. You don’t have to have both symptoms even if your B12 levels are very low.

After I had B12 replacement, consisting of B12 shots and then the use of sublingual Methylcobalamin lozenges, my fingernails greatly improved, however the important thing is that although very similar problems came up, I no longer felt like killing myself.

If you have no moons, or few moons left on your fingernails, check a list of symptoms of low vitamin B12. You can use the sublingual lozenges to effectively raise your B12 levels.

Just to be clear, my memory improved and I had less pain months before my depression lessened. That is to say, B12 works, but it does not work overnight.

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