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Fingernail Lifting ~ Onycholysis

Easily cure lifting fingernails

April 25, 2010 ~ The nail on my right little finger is lifting – a condition known as Onycholysis.

I think it may come from digging my hands into peat moss and soil without wearing garden gloves. I have a pair of thin Nitrile gloves, and, Yes, the gloves fit like a second skin. But I like feeling the actual soil and I’m unclear why Grandpa didn’t have to use gloves, but nowadays gloves are recommended.

Be that as it may, I think I know how to easily cure lifting fingernails. We’ll see.

My plan is to soak my little finger with the lifting nail in alcohol a few times a day and see if that kills the infection which may be causing the problem. I’ll put the alcohol into a small empty bottle from Methylcobalamin. Perfect size. Then hold my finger submerged in the alcohol while I watch a bit of some telly episode.

Normal fingernail on little finger, left hand

For comparison’s sake the above picture is of my normal nail on my left little finger. You can see how much longer the nail is, going to the tip of my finger and beyond. It’s attached to my fingernail bed to a point very near the tip of my finger, which the nail on my right hand is not.

Besides alcohol soaks, I’ll soak my right little finger in Epsom salts a few times weekly. All in all I think I can see how to easily cure lifting fingernails.


Onycholysis Cured ~ Little Finger right hand, fingernail no longer lifting

I cured my lifting fingernail with alcohol

July, 2010 ~ Soaking my little finger in 70% rubbing alcohol for about 20 minutes every evening while I watched telly episodes worked to get rid of the Onycholysis. I expected the alcohol to work, so I wasn’t surprised when in fact it did work. If I’d been surprised, I think I would have immediately taken on photo on the day I saw the difference, but with no “surprise alert” I didn’t immediately take a photo.

The picture showing that my nail is no longer separating from its nail bed wasn’t taken till about a year after the cure.

June 20, 2013 ~ The Onycholysis has not come back. Happily! Though, when I garden without using gloves I think I invite problems. Consequently I’ve begun soaking my little finger a couple times a month in alcohol, as described above. Better safe, than sorry.

June 16, 2017 ~ I still garden without gloves most of the time. I no longer regularly soak my fingers in alcohol, and I’ve not had any fingernail lifting reoccur.

NOTE: My focus is on vitamin B12 and Fingernails. The reason for this narrow focus is that during the time I didn’t know about healthy vitamin B12 levels, low vitamin B12 severely impacted my life.

There are several things related to health that fingernails can tell you, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on them. Mainly you want to see them remain smooth and continue to have natural moons.

It’s amazing how many things can be cured or improved through the use of vitamin B12. I love reading B12 research. It’s reassuring, even about some serious health problems.

When I was living in hydrogen sulfide from the privy pit under my condo, I had horizontal valleys in my nails, especially my thumbnails. These were quite large dips in the nails. I write about this on my pH page.

One very serious thing is if your nail begins to bend over the top of your finger. That’s  a health warning, for sure, re heart disease and lung disease. It can look like this:

Fingernail beginning to Bend Over – An Early Sign of Oncoming COPD

Pictures of Fingernails showing other health signs

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Fingernail Lifting ~ Onycholysis
My little finger's nail was lifting, a condition known as Onycholysis. Soaking my finger in alcohol for 20/min while watching tv easily cured it.
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