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B12 lozenges for healthy nerves and blood

Vitamin B12 and Fingernails Pictures

Vitamin B12 and Fingernails Pictures

Vitamin B12 and fingernails pictures show ridges and moons

The following vitamin B12 and fingernails pictures show how low vitamin B12 levels change fingernails gradually.

If only your thumbs have moons then your fingernails have been showing signs of low vitamin B12 levels for a some time.

When you see your fingernails develop ridges or lose their moons, check a list of signs of low vitamin B12 levels. If you have any of the signs, use Methylcobalamin lozenges for a month. One month of using a 1 mg (1,000 mcg) lozenge a day is equal to a B12 shot.

Methylcobalamin lozenges, 1,000 mcg

In one month the signs will lessen dramatically. Except, depression takes longer. For me it took 3 months to feel some relief. Later, with continued vitamin B12 replacement my depression vanished.

If your health problems are unaffected by using vitamin B12, then they are not caused by a lack of healthy vitamin B12 levels.

That may sound simplistic, but the fact is that before there were vitamin B12 tests Doctors would tell patients with certain symptoms to have B12 injections. Then, if the symptoms went away or decreased the doctor would diagnose vitamin B12 deficiency.

The fact is, your fingernails reveal your health.

Note: Restoring memory requires memory exercises as well as B12 lozenges.

Your body excretes any vitamin B12 it doesn’t need/use. There’s no danger from using B12 to see how well it works for you.

Jarrow Methyl B12 5000 mcg

What’s best for vitamin B12 and fingernails?

B12 patches and sprays appear to be popular marketing devices. Meanwhile, methylcobalamin sublinguals have been thoroughly tested and shown to work as well as injections.

Methyl-B12 Lozenges work better than B12 Injections

My memory improved the most when I began regularly eating Swiss cheese with its live B12 making bacteria.

Vitamin B12 and Fingernails Best Practice

List your symptoms. Then, record your use of vitamin B12, with the date. At month’s end you’ll be able to see which symptoms appeared less often.

In the future if a symptom recurs, perhaps from increased stress, you can refer to the record you kept. Your record will show how long it will take for the symptom to go away if you use the same amount of B12.

Under a lot of stress you need more B12 lozenges to stay on top of symptoms.

First vitamin B12 and fingernails pictures

Fingernail with no moon

May 6, 2006. ~ The above vitamin B12 and fingernails picture shows the lack of a moon. The contrast between vitamin B12 and fingernails pictures from my old and new cameras is like my life before and after vitamin B12 replacement. My B12 replacement began in 1997. I don’t have pictures of the original dramatic ridges because my camera was not good enough to take clear pictures of things as close as my fingernails. I did, however, record changes in my Time Line.


Small moon appearing on index fingernail

Dec. 23, 2006 p.m. ~ In late 2004 I got tetanus, a central nervous system disease, and began using a prescription I had for a vitamin B12 shot a day. The peripheral neuropahty pain that had plagued me for years went away and my fingernails became quite smooth. I stopped paying attention to my B12 level as it was reflected in my fingernails and did not notice that I’d lost my moons. The above vitamin B12 and fingernails picture shows a small moon peeping up on my index finger. A few weeks ago, before several stressful things, the moon on my middle finger looked like that, too.


Moon beginning to reappear on middle fingernail

December 24, 2006 p.m. ~  This shows the moon on my middle finger, right hand, beginning to reappear. The moon on my index finger looks larger. There wasn’t much stress yesterday, and I don’t feel feverish from the infection today.


Moons increasing and becoming stronger

December 25, 2006 p.m. ~ See how the moons are increasing and stronger looking, especially on my middle finger as compared to the 23rd.

When Wells Fargo filed to foreclose in 2008, but didn’t serve me, the stress was astronomical and my moons disappeared. I was under so much stress I failed to take pictures.


ridges on thumbnail

December 29, 2006 late p.m. ~ This vitamin B12 and fingernails picture of my right thumb nail clearly shows the ridges. (These ridges are vastly reduced from having had 9 years of B12 replacement therapy, first by injections then by Methylcobalamin lozenges.)


fingernail with thick ridge growing out

December 30, 2006 p.m. ~ This picture was taken with help from dpreview forum. It shows how ridges look as they disappear. Look at the top of my nail: see the thick line next to a long line that goes all the way down my nail. That thick line used to go all the way down, too. It is growing out. I’ve watched my fingernails grow smoother over ten years. If you have ridges, get Methylcobalamin, use it and watch the results ~ not just on your fingernails but in relation to signs of low vitamin B12 levels.


Thick fingernail ridge has grown out. Reddish area indicates infection

Vitamin B12 + fingernails pictures Series 2

February 1, 2007 – I chose this picture out of two dozen. You can see that the ridge from December 30th is gone. The redness is related to infection.


Fingernail with fewer ridges toward the bottom

March 10, 2007 ~ In the vitamin B12 and fingernails pictures series this picture shows fewer ridges toward the bottom of my nail. I have been trying to have a B12 shot on days I have a nose bleed, bad tinnitus, peripheral neuropathy pain in my thigh or begin to feel depressed. I’m staying on top of my low B12, except that my thumb moon is hard to see. This picture shows its top whiter and more defined than further down.

April 18, 2007They turned off my power on April 4, 2007, so I don’t have heat or lights. It’s getting to be warmer weather now, and I’m going to get solar because that will be less stressful and therefore more healthy. (I asked the fellow who disconnected my power for two days so I could transfer money, but no. I didn’t even have phone when he turned off the electric. And, he laughed. So by the time Easter was over, I decided not to go back to PNM given that they shut me off just to be mean. They would have had their money on the 6th, if what they wanted was their money. I’m not going to encourage them to treat people like this by paying them any more.)


“Chasm” in thumb nail moon

April 18, 2007 ~ This is the most worrying of my vitamin B12 and fingernails pictures. Although my thumb nail is faint you can see that it has a sort of chasm in it. I’ve never seen this before. I’ve been so stressed by trying to stay warm, and the days are so short without electricity that I’ve not taken regular photos. And, I have all the court stuff to hand-write without my printer. (Never a dull moment.) I’ve handwritten notes in my Time Line. I wish I could use my computer with the portable solar thing I got, but the little solar thing doesn’t give me an hour a day, and by the time I turn on, the email loads, the schedule alarms go off… my time is nearly over. Frustrating.


redness forming into lines

June 20, 2007 – Sorry about the dirt under my nail. My solar is just a bit of wiring away from working, and I’ve been preoccupied. Anyway, sorry. I’ve worked really hard at having a lot of B12 to get my moon made whole again, and that’s been successful. But the redness is forming into distinct lines, and that’s not good.

When I had tetanus I had red lines under my nails that looked as if they weren drawn with a fine tip pen. My camera wasn’t good enough to capture them. I needed a Macro lens and longer arms to get the camera far enough away to focus. I wish I could show you those lines.

I’m drinking a lot more water and taking more vitamin C. But it’s hard to remember to do that with the solar going in and people here all the time. I was really sick one day and didn’t want them to know. It will be good when the solar is finished so I can concentrate on the things I need to do every day to stay well if not get better. This way I forget. When I had electric I used my computer to remind me.


thick, whitish ridge

4/25/2010 ~ I didn’t notice this centrally located, thick, whitish ridge on my right index finger while it was developing. I saw it a week ago and worried because my nerves don’t seem that much worse. I wonder what it’s associated with. Today I see that it no longer goes all the way to the bottom of my nail, so it appears to have decreased in prominence since I have been using vitamin C natural antibiotic to get rid of the infection indicated by a reddish line on my right thumb.

Vitamin B12 making bacteria increase moons

After a period of intense stress fingernail moons return from eating Swiss cheese

2/2/2015 ~ The above vitamin B12 and fingernails picture shows whitish pigmentation at the bottom of my middle and index fingers. Those are moons beginning to reappear as I recovered after a period of intense stress. My reappearing moons result from eating Emmentaler cheese nearly every day. Emmentaler is Swiss Cheese from Switzerland or in the tradition of Swiss Emmentaler if it is not actually imported. The holes in Swiss and some other cheeses are made by the bacteria Propionibacterium freudenreichii which also make vitamin B12.

So far, even fairly high stress has not removed the burgeoning moons.

My moons have not diminished and I’ve noticed memory improvement

8/8/2015 ~ My moons have not diminished. In fact, there appears to be a bit of moon appearing on my ring finger. The moon on my index finger is growing much clearer as I continue to eat Swiss cheese with its live B12 making bacteria.

Methylcobalamin lozenges 5 mg

I have noticed a significant change in my memory. Previously I had no memory of things I just did. For instance if I fed the goldfish, as soon as I left the side of the aquarium I wouldn’t remember. In order to know whether or not I’d fed them I had to associate feeding the goldfish with something else. I chose to feed the goldfish before making morning coffee. That way if I had coffee or an empty coffee mug I could tell that I’d fed the goldfish.

What’s changed is that after doing something I now frequently have a mental image of what I did. It’s exciting and vastly improves my life to have that kind of memory return.

Moons are larger with clearer edges but irregular shapes

6/22/2016 ~ Continuing vitamin B12 and fingernails pictures show the moons on my middle finger and ring finger are growing larger with clearer edges. They aren’t a smooth, moon shape, however. May that’s because I didn’t have B12 for so long in whatever areas need it in order to have moons, that now as the moons return they are irregular, as if reflecting their irregular existence.

My memory remains better, and my balance is somewhat better. However at a court hearing a few weeks ago I could not get my mind to work well enough to give even the must rudimentary explanation of my position, in contrast to Wells Fargo’s view of how I was wrong.

Focus on vitamin B12 and fingernails reflecting health

I focus on vitamin B12 and fingernails because low vitamin B12 levels severely impacted my life. If I had been able to see vitamin B12 and fingernails pictures I would have understood how to keep, even regain my health.

In doing vitamin B12 and fingernails pictures I also saw how redness under fingernails corresponds with infection somewhere in the body. Low grade infection makes us tired and often causes hair to fall out. Infections can be controlled, sometimes wiped out, with vitamin C natural antibiotic. I saw a fingernail lift with onycholysis and then heal when I soaked it in alcohol. And, I tracked white spots.

Vitamin B12 and fingernails pictures showing other health signs

Mainly you want to see your fingernails remain smooth and retain their
natural moons.

When I was living in the hydrogen sulfide from the privy pit, I had horizontal valleys in my nails ~~ indentations that ran across my nails, referred to medically as Beau’s lines. Some people just refer to them as dips. They were most noticeable on my thumbs. A low body pH also appears to cause horizontal indentations in fingernails ~~ when I drank vinegar and honey for several days to stop a cough, which worked, and then several weeks more because it helped me sleep, it also caused Beau’s lines.

One very serious thing is if your nails begin to curve over the top of your finger. I learned that is a sign of heart disease, some say lung disease. This is what it looks like:

Clubbed thumb nail
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