Why I worry about not using Ibuprofen


July 17, 2021 ~ It’s been over a year since I more or less entirely gave up using Ibuprofen. I’m reviewing my decision because overall it seems as if my good gut bacteria are flourishing as a result. I have less inflammation, which is for sure a good thing.

But… When I’m under a lot of stress my hands shake. I previously used Ibuprofen when that happened because Ibuprofen was good at stopping the shaking. I don’t know why Ibuprofen would be good at stopping the shaking, but I clearly remember that according to research people who use Ibuprofen have lower rates of Parkinson Disease:

Adults who regularly take ibuprofen are 38% less likely than nonusers to develop Parkinson’s disease, and the risk further decreases with higher frequency and duration of ibuprofen use. Regular use of ibuprofen is associated with a significantly lower risk for Parkinson’s disease than is use of aspirin, acetaminophen, or other NSAIDs, according to the results of a study published in Neurology.

Using Ibuprofen to stop my hands from shaking was not as frequent and “regular” as using Ibuprofen to stop pain, but I still felt as if its use was protecting me, at least to some degree, from getting Parkinson’s.

Recently my hands have been shaking when I hold my cell phone. The degree of shaking is unnerving. I would hate to have it become permanent, even when I’m not holding something in my hand.

But, I keep remembering Dr. Gundry saying in an infomercial re his Total Restore that taking an Ibuprofen is like throwing a grenade into your stomach, as far as the good bacteria are concerned.

I’m torn. I’m sharing my dilemma in the hope that spelling it out will help me come to a clearer understanding.

11/28/2021 ~ I’m revisiting this page because I have a lot of brown hairs coming in where previously I had entirely white hair. It’s enough to a very light brown streak, but not enough to make a clear, striking picture… I’m hoping the streaks become darker.




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