Tinnitus from low B12


Tinnitus, a ringing or even high pitched, shrill, humming whine, can result from damage to your vestibulo-cochlear nerve that carries signals from your inner ear to your brain. Simply put, it’s your hearing/auditory nerve.

The vestibulocochlear nerve consists of the vestibular and cochlear nerve bundles and is located in the inner auditory canal. Specifically, the vestibular nerve is responsible for maintaining body balance and for eye movements, while the cochlear nerve is responsible for hearing.

If you have tinnitus you may be wondering how you damaged your auditory nerve and more importantly, how do you repair the damage.

The most likely cause of damage is stress. Stress plays havoc with our nerves, as you’ve most likely noticed. If we have good B12 levels then our nerves are protected by their myelin sheath. The trouble is that stress pulls our attention away from enjoyable, anti-stress things and pretty soon our B12 stores are depleted and our nerves have tattered sheaths.

The answer to repairing the damage is a bit cheesy:  Swiss cheese. You see, Swiss cheese has live B12 making bacteria that are in fact responsible for the holes in Swiss and other cheeses with holes. Most cheese has some B12 but Swiss cheese has a higher amount because of the B12 making bacteria being in abundance, to make the characteristic holes.

  Jarrow Methyl B12 5000 mcg


Methylcobalamin lozenges are a good way to restore B12 levels. In fact, they work quite quickly.


The living bacteria are great and give you an ongoing healthy supply of B12, in tiny tiny, but constant amounts. The beauty of putting B12 making bacteria back into your digestive system is that they happily make B12 out of your meals that ordinarily contain no B12, like pasta and tomato sauce, for instance. As you likely know, the recommended sources for B12 are meat, fish, dairy and eggs. There isn’t any B12 in vegetables, well at least not ordinarily.

It turns out, however, that Japanese tea fertilized with fish remains has B12 in it, because the tea plants take up B12 from the fish fertilizer.

I ordered the Bata Bata Cha Japanese tea and used it to make kombucha, which I figured would allow the good bacteria to increase, making my kombucha somewhat rich in B12.

If you’re dealing with tinnitus, you aren’t wanting to dilly dally around, however, is my bet. So, get the Methylcobalamin lozenges. They work effectively, though not so quickly that the nerve damage causing your tinnitus will be repaired in a day. Keep in mind, B12 is necessary for all your nerves to be healthy, not just your auditory nerves.

My tinnitus used to be so bad that I kept the telly on LOUD to distract me from the shrill ringing. Once I cottoned on to B12 as the answer I reduced my tinnitus till now I have no ear ringing sounds at all.

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