Health Boundaries

Health boundaries can be a lot like barbed wire.

Did barbed wire ever tear into you? If so, you’re unlikely to have forgotten the pain. The good thing about that painful memory is that it can help you understand health boundaries.

Health boundaries are worse than barbed wire because they can permanently impair. Plus, it’s sometimes hard to see the danger of health boundaries because they can range from misdiagnoses to stress. Luckily our fingernails reflect our health and show us warning signs. Your health and your fingernails ~ Read more.

When you look at the Health Boundaries logo image you see planted hills and a barbed wire fence. The barbed wire “health boundary” is a small part of the picture, but a health boundary can dominate. For instance, a prescription drug may keep you from pain, but also addict or do other unforeseen damage.

For many of us stress dominates. Unemployment, foreclosure, loss of love ~ we feel the affect on our health, on our nerves.

Not just our nerves, of course. Many of us associate stress with stomach ulcers. What isn’t commonly known is that many stomach ulcers are caused by h.pylori, a bacteria that thrives when your stomach isn’t working properly, often due to stress. h.pylori and diarrhea. Read more.

Because h.pylori reduces stomach acid production it is associated with malabsorption of nutrients, like vitamin B12 and magnesium. Both need stomach acid for release from food. B12 Malabsorption. Read more.

As digestion problems emerge you may begin taking antacids. This can cause hypochlorhydria – low stomach acid levels, often below what you need to get any vitamin B12 or magnesium from your food.

So, here you are thinking you have stomach problems, when in fact the problem is much bigger because your stomach is vitally connected to your nerves and to the amount of vitamin B12 available to your nerves. Insufficient B12 leads to nerve damage resulting in pain, balance problems, loss of memory, mood disorders and other health issues.

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My site focuses on improving health through awareness of the vital link between vitamin B12 and the health of your nerves and blood. Below are some of the pages on my site about how to regain the unlimited, boundless health you were meant to have. I built my site so that you could have the information about nerves, blood and vitamin B12 that I wish I’d had sooner.

Karen Marie Kline

Pages basic to boundless health

Love your blood cells ~ Give them B12

B12 Malabsorption ~ You can eat well, chosing organic food and still suffer from malnutrition if you have malabsorption problems. Vitamin B12 is often a victim of malabsorption. Without enough vitamin B12, your body has a problem making new red blood cells. Instead of your blood cells maturing and dividing, they enlarge but don’t divide. Read More.


Danger signScalledHypochlorhydria ~ You may wish you never felt pain. But pain is often a beneficial warning sign. Without pain, your health can be at risk because you have no idea there’s a problem. This is certainly the case with hypochlorhydria, a condition characterized by an abnormally low level of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Read More.


What is a healthy B12 level?
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Jarrow Methyl B12 5000 mcg

My favorite articles talk about 500-550 being the B12 level at which memory loss, dementia, and lethargy can be caused. The articles talk about B12 deficient people with gastritis and celiac disease and both articles suggest cobalamin, B12 therapy. The doctors conducting the research concluded that levels of serum vitamin B-12 concentrations currently considered normal in the United States may be too low and should be reassessed. Read More.


Check mark on listScaled

Symptoms of Low Vitamin B12 ~ Not every one has the same symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency. You and your best friend may both be low in vitamin B12, but have very different symptoms. Because symptoms of low vitamin B12 vary so greatly the medical community has often concentrated on one symptom and ignored others. The result is that many people with severe symptoms of low B12 do not get treatment. You may be surprised at some of the Symptoms of Low Vitamin B12Read More.


Brain workingScalled

Areas of cognition ~ What neuropsychological testing looks for ~ Here’s some information on neuropsychological testing, the areas on which neuropsychological tests focus, and what neuropsychological tests may anticipate finding. I forget on which forum it was that  I found this material, back when I used to go to forums. Read More.


ridges on thumbnail

ridges on thumbnail

Vitamin B12 and Fingernails ~ This Is a Fingernail, obviously. What is equally visible but perhaps not as obvious is the fact that the person has some health issues. Learn how your fingernails reflect your health. Read More.


May 6, 2006. Here you can see the lack of a moon.

May 6, 2006. Here you can see the lack of a moon.

Pictures showing fingernail lines and moons ~ Fingernail lines or ridges are in the texture of the nail. Moons are shown in various stages of return and retreat. Because changes in nail texture are gradual you may hardly notice them at first. When you see ridges in your nails check a list of symptoms of low B12. If you are dealing with symptoms use Methylcobalamin and track your improvement using a Time Line. Read More.



Vitamin B12 Deficiency is Under Diagnosed ~ Dr. Chandy believes vitamin B12 deficiency must be suspected in all patients with unexplained neuro-psychiatric symptoms or unexplained anaemia. Many patients with B12 deficiency fall through the net because many symptoms are not recognised. These symptoms can range from severe depression to paralysis. Read More.



Illustration by Karen Kline of Hypochlorhydria impeding B12 absorption

A quick history of vitamin B12 and Illustrations —

1850s — English doctor, Thomas Addison, described a lethal “pernicious” form of anemia, related to pathological gastric mucosa and associated with the stomach having little or no acid. Read More and View Illustrations.

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