Swiss cheese has live B12 making bacteria

Picture of Swiss Cheese with text: B12 making bacteria make the holes in Swiss Cheese
The bacteria that make the holes in Swiss Cheese also make vitamin B12

Bacteria make vitamin B12

Based on the fact that bacteria make all B12, I wondered if I could add the right bacteria, as well as probiotics, when I make yogurt, and get a higher B12 content.

The easiest approach seemed to be that of finding a cheese with high B12 content, then adding bits of it to my yogurt mix.

Most promising was Emmentaler, first made in the Swiss city of Emmental. This Swiss cheese has 4.4 mcg of B12 in a serving. That’s not a lot, but on the other hand perhaps the bacteria, being live, will live on in my body to make enough B12 for my body to withstand the stress of Wells Fargo attacking my home.

Foods containing B12. Read more.

Being housebound, I ordered my Emmentaler online. Yesterday it arrived and I added it to my yogurt, which turned out Great. There were a lot of bubbles which I attributed to the Propionibacterium freudenreichii, the B12 making bacteria. It is this very bacteria which is responsible for the holes in Swiss Cheese, presumably by doing this bubbling thing during aging.

Not surprisingly strains of this bacteria have been modified enough to be patented for industrial production of B12. My feeling is that the cheese has the unadulterated bacteria.

Swiss Cheese Works

Despite stress fingernail moons return from eating Swiss Cheese
Moons beginning to emerge from eating Emmentaler Swiss Cheese

2/2/2015 ~ The whitish pigmentation beginning to show on the bottom of my middle finger and less clearly on my index finger is a result of eating Emmentaler cheese nearly every day.

So far, even fairly high stress has not removed the burgeoning moons.

5/25/2015 ~ Last summer I began eating Emmentaler on its own and liked it so much that I stopped making yogurt. Recently I’ve switched to ordering American made Swiss Cheese, hopefully with the same B12 making bacteria, in 8 lb. “loafs” from Gourmet

Order of cheese had to be thrown awaySadly, they sent me bad cheese in February. It had few holes, and those were tiny. Also, it tasted bad. Sadly, Gourmet Italian refused to make good. They said I would have to have NOT opened it, in order to send it back. To me that makes no sense. How would I know it was bad if I hadn’t opened it. When I complained on Twitter, Gourmet Italian blocked me instead of addressing the problem.

I hated to throw so much “food” away, so even though it tasted bad I had some. But, it made me sick, throwing up sick. So I put it in my compost. I should probably mention that the cheese developed fissures (this is before I threw it in the compost), something I’d not seen any cheese do ever before. So I’m pretty certain there was something wrong with it.

The most surprising effect of eating cheese with live bacteria that make B12 is that sometimes I can remember things the way I used to. For instance, I’ll wonder if I took my Turmeric capsules, and I’ll instantly get this clear mental image. I had thought that would never happen again. Since my brain injury I’ve had to learn to make a  great effort to remember things, and most times even that didn’t work.

Plus, the moons are coming back on my fingernails, and not just for a couple of weeks when there’s less stress.
Jarrow Methyl B12, 5000 mcg, 60 Lozenges

Jarrow Methyl B12 5000 mcg

Nor am I using 5 of the 5 mg. Methylcobalamin lozenges a day anymore. A couple, because I don’t want to take chances like last year when I stopped using Methylcobalamin lozenges altogether to test whether it helped to switch away from GMOs (and their inbuilt glyphosate) and instead eat garden veggies without washing, so as not to remove the common B12 making bacteria.

What I think is happening is that the constant supply of B12 from the bacteria, now apparently living in my digestive system, makes it easier for my body to replace B12 in all the deep tissue, where it’s supposed to be. It’s not quick, though.

Another effect is that the multitude of brown spots I had on my midriff is significantly reduced. A sebaceous keratosis (the medical name for the brown spots) on my eyelid would get so large it would interfere with my vision, then flake off, etc. as they do. Happily it’s become much smaller.

This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed the effect of B12 on brown spots. Years ago when I first had B12 shots, I had 5 brown spots in a near circle. After a few months of shots, half of the spots disappeared. But, stress abounds, and that seems to make them come back, except now that I’m eating the Emmentaler the spots are reducing in number and so far… not coming back, despite a lot of stress with Wells Fargo trying to take my home. If Wells Fargo didn’t use fraud, it would not be so stressful.

If you like cheese, particularly Swiss cheese or any of the cheeses with large holes, why don’t you try eating it daily and see if it works for you the way it’s working for me.

Emmentaler Swiss Cheese
Emmentaler Swiss Cheese

7/3/2015 ~ I switched from ordering Emmentaler imported from Switzerland, which I found to in fact contain vitamin B12 making bacteria, to ordering American made “Swiss Cheese”, at about a third the cost per pound. But, I’ve been wondering if the American made has as much Propionibacterium freudenreichii, B12 making bacteria, or if perhaps American cheesemakers rely on some less natural method to achieve the holes characteristic to Swiss Cheese.

In order to carry out a test, I made yogurt with the American made Swiss Cheese, to see if it bubbled like that I made using authentic Emmentaler. The first batch did not. The second day I used a half jar of starter saved from the day before and added more small pieces of Swiss Cheese, as well as the customary probiotics. Still no bubbling. The third day I used a half jar of starter saved from the say before (now 3 days strong) and added more small pieces of Swiss Cheese as well as probiotics. I left space at the top of each jar, just in case it began to work, and low and behold, 5 hours later, there was bubbling and each jar had run over. Clearly leaving a quarter inch for the bubbling was not enough.

The yogurt is a bit fizzy tasting, kind of like fizzy water or soda, and there’s a lot more liquid whey. But, you can clearly see “holes” in the yogurt which I attribute to happy Propionibacterium freudenreichii.

fingernail moons continue to strengthen from eating Swiss cheese
Moons from eating Swiss cheese

8/8/2015 ~ The moons have not diminished. In fact, there appears to be a bit of moon appearing on my ring finger. The moon on my index finger is much clearer.

I have noticed a significant change in my memory. Previously I had no memory of things I just did. For instance if I fed the goldfish, as soon as I left the side of the aquarium I wouldn’t remember. In order to know whether or not I’d fed them I had to associate feeding the goldfish with something else. I chose having morning coffee. I had to feed the goldfish before making coffee. That way if I had coffee or an empty coffee mug I could tell that I’d fed the goldfish.

What’s changed is that after doing something I now frequently have a mental image of what I did. It’s exciting. It also improves life quite dramatically to have that kind of memory return.

Commercial Vitamin Production
Commercial Vitamin Production

Study re Commercial B12

An interesting study was conducted to see if B12 could be made from Sago Palm waste ~ apparently there are large groups of people who use Sago Palm for flour, wall coverings, myriad things. In any case, the study reported in the International Journal of Medicobiological Research found that the control Propionibacterium freudenreichii yielded 4.63mg/ml of vitamin B12. (**Specs are at the bottom of this page. But, they used less liquid in total than the amount I use in making yogurt.)

The “modified” bacteria they hoped would make B12, did not. (Sounds like bacteria, or at least this bacteria, don’t go along with Modification. Happily.)

The study postulated that tomato pomace ~ a bi-product in the manufacture of tomato juice, ketchup and soup ~ could be effectively used as a substrate in the production of B12.

It’s exciting to think that eating tomato skins, seeds, etc. (tomato pomace) could be the grounds for our bodies to make B12 if we have Propionibacterium freudenreichii alive and well in our gastrointestinal systems.

Moral? Make yogurt with some Emmental cheese in it.

** The medium used for production of vitamin B12 was prepared by Ye et al., 1996.[16,17] The preculture medium along with the inoculums was poured into the production vessel aseptically. This setup was placed in the shaker for seven days. Propionibacterium freudenreichii 1950 was sub-cultured in 5ml nutrient broth and kept at 370C for 24 hours. After incubation, it was inoculated into 20ml volume of pre-culture medium in a 100ml conical flask. For control organism, composition of production medium and control condition differed. After the incubation, biomass was assessed spectrophotomertically.

370* Celsius is the same as 698* Fahrenheit. Boiling temperature of water is 212*, so if you put some Emmentaler in your soup or stew, etc. and cook it, you will not destroy the B12 making bacteria.

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