Low B12 ~ Health Issues

Low Vitamin B12 Health Issues
Low Vitamin B12 Health Issues

What seems like a disease could in fact be one of the many health issues that result from low B12 levels. Yes, Really. For instance, there are over a billion nerves in your body. For each of them to be healthy, from the largest to the tiniest, you need healthy vitamin B12 levels. Otherwise it may seem as if you have a disease.

How does low vitamin B12 affect nerves?

Low vitamin B12 health issues may relate to nerves
Low vitamin B12 health issues may relate to nerves

The image above shows only the largest of the billion plus nerves in your body. For each of your nerves to be healthy, work properly, and not cause pain, you need healthy vitamin B12 levels. When your B12 levels slip, low vitamin B12 health issues begin to appear.

One of the most devastating low vitamin B12 health issues, over time, is deteriorating myelin sheathing. Vitamin B12 protects the myelin sheathing so that nerve impulses don’t leak out and impair your control of your muscles, as well as cause pain.

Low vitamin B12 can cause burning pain in peripheral nerves like those in your thighs, numbness due to impaired nerves in your feet and hands, blurry vision by way of less-than-healthy optic nerves, loss of balance, inability to find the right word because your cerebellum is starved for B12, and so forth.

This clever, interactive map of nerves in the human body gives medical names to the main nerves.

Keeping your vitamin B12 level high enough for your nerves to be healthy and happy is somewhat tricky. That’s because a “normal” vitamin B12 level is often defined in terms of what’s too low for red blood cells to divide properly. The thing is, red blood cells are pretty happy right down to a B12 level of 200. Nerve cells, on the other hand, begin to show problems, like memory loss, at levels of 500-550. The more you know about healthy vitamin B12 levels, the easier it will be for you to live pain free, with a good memory.

Vitamin B12 and your blood system

Low Vitamin B12 health issues may relate to blood
Low Vitamin B12 health issues may relate to blood

B12 and the nervous system isn’t all there is to it. Vitamin B12 is important to your circulatory system, as well.

The somewhat shocking fact is that for over a century “modern medicine” ignored neurological symptoms and diagnosed vitamin B12 deficiency only when there was anemia. That is, if red blood cells were abnormally large.

Large red blood cells occur when there isn’t enough vitamin B12. Their size signals that instead of dividing properly they have retained their nucleus, leaving little room for oxygen. The problem is that red blood cells are supposed to carry oxygen to your other cells and when they don’t your hands and/or feet are likely to feel numb.

It’s hardly surprising that such beautifully visible evidence under a microscope of an oxygen-carrying problem with blood eclipsed nerve problems which by comparison are invisible.
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It is often said that the most common symptoms of low vitamin B12 levels occur because of the effect of low vitamin B12 on blood. That’s true enough, except that a vitamin B12 deficiency is defined in the United States and some other countries as a vitamin B12 level lower than 200. 200 is the level at which large red blood cells begin to appear. Well before a red blood cell problem begins to exist, however, many people experience depression, impaired memory, difficulty finding the right word… all of which begin to show up at vitamin B12 levels of 500-550.

Some specific low vitamin B12 health issues

Vitamin B12 Malabsorption
Vitamin B12 Malabsorption

Malabsorption ~ Without enough stomach acid your body can’t free vitamin B12 from protein. You can eat healthy and suffer from malnutrition… How can this happen? Read More.

Digital thermography showing numbness

Numbness ~ Many people find my site by searching “numb” or “numbness.” Some search with the specific question, “Can you get rid of numb feet?” I answer that with three things I know about numbness.  Read More.

Other Low Vitamin B12 Health Issues

Microscopic view of pollen
Pollen, one cause of allergies

Allergies and BComplex Vitamins ~ Reflecting on the beginning of my allergies, I can see they were linked to stress. While my grandfather was sure I’d grow out of my allergies by the time I got married, my allergies didn’t subside and finally end until I experimented with foods and vitamins. Read More.

h.pylori and diarrhea

Diarrhea, B12 Deficiency and h.pylori ~ You may not know that diarrhea is a persistent, common problem for many people with low vitamin B12 levels. While you may be familiar with diarrhea, you may know little or nothing about h.pylori which can cause low vitamin B12. Read More.

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High Homocysteine ~

Homocysteine, discovered in 1932, is an amino acid, but not the good, building block kind.

Graphic: High Homocysteine is linked to cardiovascular disease, stroke, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's, Depression, and even some birth defects in babies whose mothers had a high homocysteine level during pregnancy
High Homocysteine is linked to heart attacks, stroke, Alzheimer’s, Depression, even some birth defects

A combination of folic acid and vitamin B12 is highly effective in lowering homocysteine levels. Read More.

Common Symptoms of Low Vitamin B12


Pins and Needles

Sleep Problems

Stress Felt as Anxiety

Suicidal Feelings

Weight Gain

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