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happy tooth 75I have lost teeth. Sadly, my dental implants are causing infection. Vitamin C controls the infection, which is good ~ If you’re skeptical about vitamin C’s efficacy, a 60 Minutes video about a man who would have had life support turned off, but for his family insisting on high dose vitamin C, may change your mind. Watch video.

If I had known


There are things I might have known, but didn’t, that would have made it likely I’d still have all my own teeth.

What things are those? Before I answer that, I need to point out that the set of things affecting your teeth may be different than those affecting mine ~ Similar, perhaps, but still significantly different.

This is like drug trials: some subjects benefit, some don’t, and some are adversely affected. For example, the FDA approved Vioxx which was tested but went on to kill or seriously harm 27,000 people.

The biggest thing, and one that’s common, was taking dentists’ and doctors’ word. I had no concept of testing things out to see how they actually worked for me.

I am reminded of a lovely older woman who bought a house through me when I was a Realtor. Her new doctor, upon moving to Santa Fe from Chicago, told her this new medicine was what she needed. The woman had serious doubts but did as she was told, and took the new medicine. It affected her balance and she began falling frequently. She had to stop doing many of the things she most enjoyed. When she confronted the doctor, the doctor avoided taking any responsibility.

I did not begin to knowingly focus on my health until I was told by a neurologist to keep a “Time Line” in relation to B12 shots I was having. I didn’t think of it on my own.

Once I began noting my symptoms, stresses, and the B12 shots I was having, I was able to see clearly how things worked for me: when there was more stress I had more symptoms unless I also had more B12. Once I saw those relationships they seemed so evident. But, had I not kept notes I would not have had “evidence” showing me the relationships.

When you focus on your own health, on what you are experiencing, as opposed to what you believe will happen given what you are told, you have the best chance of not being one of the 100,000 Americans who die each year from prescriptions taken as directed. And, you are likely to be able to keep your teeth! 

Prescriptions taken as directed kill 100,000 Americans a yearRead more.

Tartar… Plaque

I had a lot of “tartar” even as a child. Tartar is now referred to as plaque, but it is the same thing. Dental plaque is composed of about 80% water and 20% protein accumulated from the protein in your saliva.

Dentists exclaimed at me over the large amount of tartar/plaqueI had and how quickly it built up. I needed my teeth cleaned every three months, sometimes more.

The extensive, quick building plaque is what eventually led to my teeth loss, but in between there were times I was under extreme stress and my gums bled without even having to brush my teeth to cause the bleeding. I now know that bleeding like that is easily controlled by increasing your vitamn B12 levels.

There were two times in my life when the plaque fell off in chunks all on its own: once was after a party in London where everyone had been extremely nice and I felt that people had genuinely liked me and I wasn’t alone (I was living in a rather isolated situation at the time); the other was the day after a dozen people went to court with me in Santa Fe to support me. These two experiences led me to believe that if I had a lot of support most of the time, and little stress, my teeth and gums would benefit.

Trouble is, a lot of us suffer abuse at home rather than receiving love and support. When I discovered a less obvious, more underlying approach to getting the support I need than trying to rely on people in daily proximity, it was wonderful.

The approach was B12 replacement

After regular B12 shots for several months I discovered plaque was no longer building up as it had in the past. I now needed only one or two cleanings a year.

From my experience of plaque falling off and plaque ceasing to build up so quickly, I’ve concluded that there’s a relationship between feeling supported and loved and higher B12 levels. And, higher B12 levels work against plaque. Just as stress lowers B12 levels, love and appreciation appear to raise B12 levels and contribute in a very real way to having less plaque and keeping our teeth.

Having huge amounts of stress in my life, I continue with B12 replacement and now use methylcobalamin lozenges which are much nicer than shots.

Methylcobalamin ~ Read more.

How does B12/Methylcobalamin benefit teeth and gums?

When I told a friend about methylcobalamin benefiting teeth and gums, she was skeptical, “I just don’t see how there can be a connection.”

The connection is the effect B12 has on our blood: when we are low on B12 our blood cells become larger and larger because they can’t divide the way that they are supposed to, which is why when we have low B12 we tend to feel tired and our feet and hands tend to fall asleep and feel numb.

B12 Malabsorption ~ Read more.

When our B12 levels are healthy, our blood is healthy and cleans our systems for us, getting rid of the makings of plaque before they can materialize into a damaging coating on our teeth or inside our veins and brains. Plaque in the brain is a know factor in Alzheimer’s Disease as well as Parkinson’s Disease.

What makes us lose our memory in Alzheimer’s may make us lose our teeth

A characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease is the accumulation of amyloid plaques between nerve cells (neurons) in the brain. Amyloid is a general term for protein fragments that the body produces normally. In a healthy brain, these protein fragments are broken down and eliminated. In Alzheimer’s the fragments accumulate to form hard, insoluble plaques.


Studies show that people with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s have a tendency to low levels of vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 and Alzheimer’s ~ Read more.

If your fingernails have ridges or you are losing your moons on your fingernails or have other symptoms of low vitamin B12, then you may be like me with low B12 and excessive plaque that can lead to memory loss, and possibly tooth loss as well.

Don’t let it happen!

You have a choice. You don’t have to let it happen. Begin using methylcobalamin lozenges to enhance the health of your blood and nerves and you will see a difference in the health of your gums and teeth.

Methylcobalamin ~ Read more.

Try it! But be sure to keep a Time Line. That way you can see how many days it take B12 to make a difference for you.

Trouble standing long enough to brush you teeth?

If you are sick and have trouble standing long enough to regularly brush your teeth, try taking a mouthful of hydrogen peroxide, you can dilute it a bit if you like, and swish it around your mouth for a minute or so, then spit it out. I discovered that it helps clean at the gum line. I just wish I’d discovered it earlier, while I had tetanus.

Listerine works really Really well, too.

Loose teeth become tight

1/6/09 – Several of my teeth that were loose are now tight in my jaw bones. I had no idea that loose teeth could become strong and tight again. But, they can and they did for me.

I attribute the change to no longer taking Ibuprofen except when I’m having extreme pain (Ibuprofen weakens the jaw bones, as in fact does Fosamax). Plus, I take a lot more magnesium. I try to take a magnesium tablet or capsule every time I have vitamin C, partially because the vitamin C helps my body make use of the magnesium and partially because I take a lot of C and I want to be sure to take a lot of magnesium.

Just to clarify, my teeth were just this side of wobbly in my jaw ~ the same way the ones were which the dentists insisted had to come out. My teeth did not regain their firm anchoring in a day or week or month, it took about two years.

Map_of_Mircrobes_in_Human_BodyMap of germs

In 2012 this map of germs or microorganisms in the human body was released by the US government. I think it’s more of an artistic graphic than a map but in any case, it’s interesting.

Are you as startled as I am that we have more microorganisms in our mouths than in our gastrointestinal system? Turns out digestion begins in our mouths.

I wonder if there are so few microbes in the gastrointestinal system because of the antibiotics in the meat we are so encouraged to eat. Even I have encouraged people to eat meat because I believed meat was an efficient way to get B12.

Ditch the Meat Belief ~ All vitamin B12 comes from microorganisms

Recently I learned that all B12 originates with microorganisms and that there is B12 to be had from tempe, miso, mushrooms, some tea… and what else? if we just stop focusing on meat.

Foods Containing Vitamin B12 ~ Read more.

Netflix_Forks_over_KnivesI had not paid attention to how much we focus on meat and believe in its contribution to our health until I watched Forks Over Knives. Watch it. Revise your thinking.

Focusing on research by two food scientists, Forks Over Knives reveals that despite broad advances in medical technology, the popularity of animal-based and modern processed foods have led to epidemic rates of obesity, diabetes and other diseases.

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