Serrapeptase affects bumps
Serrapeptase affects bumps

Bumps reduced in size?

Can decade-old bumps be reduced in size? I began asking myself this after I’d been taking Serrapeptase for about six weeks in the hope that Serrapeptase affects bumps, for the better.

Because my periodontist had told me that the Ibuprofen I was taking was weakening my jaw bone where I have an infection from old dental implants, I began using Serrapeptase and stopped using Ibuprofen.

Serrapeptase had been recommended to me for pain by a herbalist several months earlier; she’d sent me quite a bit of information on Serrapeptase, so when I had some bad pain in my thoracic diaphragm in December I thought I’d try it for its pain reducing properties.

Since then I’ve read Serrapeptase research and become even more convinced of its usefulness. I’m really hoping Serrapeptase affects bumps.

Best-Serrapeptase 50Serrapeptase

I have been taking two to three Serrapeptase capsules during the night. You’re supposed to take them on an empty stomach ~ during the day it’s complicated to figure out three hours after eating, then no eating, or drinking coffee or tea, till an hour after Serrapeptase. Taking Serrapeptase during the night is the easiest way for me to comply with the no food before and after suggestion.

Actually, I take one an hour after I take my melatonin to sleep. Then I take one when I wake up in the middle of the night and the third I take in the morning and then wait an hour to have my coffee.

The bumps in 2007

Bump on right leg near calf. Photo taken 2/15/07

I have a similar bump on my left leg in an almost identical place, near my calf. I have had these for over a decade and went to the doctor about them early on. Dr. Keith told me they were nothing serious and not to worry.


Close up of bump on 2/17/07

Close up of bump. 2/17/07

When I asked about having them removed, because they are unsightly, she said the scar wouldn’t be much better. So, I still have them, and they enlarged over the years.

But, since I’ve been taking Serrapeptase as an alternative to Ibuprofen, they seem to be getting smaller. In particular they seem to be much less raised.

So, I’ve decided to document how they look over time.

Bump photographed 3/4/07

Close up of bump on 2/17/07

Close up of bump on 2/17/07


Close up ~ 7/18/07
Feels smaller

Now I feel as if the bump is smaller. When I feel it ~ because I can’t see it very well given the position it is in ~ it feels smaller, but I can’t be sure that I’m not feeling it smaller because I want it to be smaller/less high. (I failed to use the flash tonight for the photo above, so the light isn’t the same, and I’m too tired to try again.)


bump feels smaller after Serrapeptase. Photo taken 3/15/07

Bump feels smaller after Serrapeptase, as if in fact Serrapeptase affects bumps. Photo taken 3/15/07

Close up. 3/15/07

Close up. 3/15/07


Close up of bump on 2/17/07

Close up of bump  2/17/07


Boy, it really feels smaller. It doesn’t feel as if it is as raised as it was before. I couldn’t get the light exactly the same, but I think it still shows that it’s a little less perfectly round now and not as high of a bump.

It appears Serrapeptase affects bumps/cysts

I’ve ordered another three bottles. My friend the Certified Family Herbalist had said that it would clear arteries of plaque in 18 months. So Maybe it will totally get rid of my bumps/cysts. It has almost totally gotten rid of a patch of extremely scaly skin the size of a quarter that I had near my shoulder. I had that for a decade or so. The doctor had said it was nothing to worry about despite the fact that it did not respond at all to hand lotion or petroleum jelly.

Close up ~ 7/18/07

Close up ~ 7/18/07

July 18, 2007 ~ Sadly I appear to have broken my flash by using a homemade diffuser. Without a flash my shots are not very good. The light isn’t right.

But can you see the sort of shadowy depressions on the bump, I’m pretty sure that there are parts of it that are missing now, and that explains why it feels so much smaller and flatter, as if in fact Serrapeptase affects bumps.

It’s really hard to photograph because it’s on the side of my leg, and I just can’t get the camera lined up with it right most of the time.

Bump, left leg. Photo taken 7/18/13

Bump, left leg. Photo taken 7/18/13


This is the one from my left leg… I sure wish I’d shown pictures of it from the beginning because it seems a lot smaller now.

A little over five years later.

The Serrapeptase helped, but then, while it seemed to keep the bumps from getting larger, it didn’t seem to shrink them further. Nevertheless, I continue to use it. After all, I don’t want them to get larger.

After I had used Glucosamine Chondroitin with MSM, taken with Astaxanthin for several months, I noticed that of the four bumps, the smaller two were getting close to going away. While they were getting smaller I was using the Glucosamine morning and night: two full doses a day.

Then I cut back, using only the morning dose. Shortly thereafter I noticed that the bumps were no longer shrinking. I’ve gone back to two doses a day.

The bumps in 2012

Here are the four bumps photographed on 6/8/2012:

Bump, right leg calf. Was/is largest ~ Feels smaller now. Photo taken 6/8/2012

Bump, right leg calf. Was/is largest ~ Feels smaller now. Photo taken 6/8/2012

Bump right leg beneath knee. Right leg, Was small, now feels VASTLY smaller. Photo taken 6/8/2012

Bump right leg beneath knee. Right leg, Was small, now feels VASTLY smaller. Photo taken 6/8/2012


Bump, left leg, thigh. This one was about the same size as the one above, but was never as hard. It's almost undetectable when I feel for it.

Bump, left leg, thigh. This one was about the same size as the one above, but was never as hard. It’s almost undetectable when I feel for it.


Left leg, calf. Feels smaller. Photo taken 6/8/2012

Left leg, calf. Feels smaller. Photo taken 6/8/2012

I wish they had gone entirely away. I also wish that there had not been breaks in my use of Serrapeptase, as well as breaks in my use of Glucosamine-Chondroitin with MSM and Astaxanthin after I began to use them in addition to the Serrapeptase.

Best-Serrapeptase 50Serrapeptase

It surprises me, that as dedicated as I am to the use of these supplements, I still allow myself to run out periodically. Usually it’s when something very stressful is occupying my mind. There have been breaks of several months, periodically over the years,  in my use of the supplements. After each break, it seems as if the bumps have grown, and become harder.


Sunshine on swollen area

10/22/2016 ~ I should add that I sit with the sunshine hitting my left leg for about 10 to 15 minutes a day. The sunshine, or likely the radiation in the sunshine, reduces an area of swelling that I’ve had for years. It’s a wide area of swelling, distinct from the bumps. It’s not swelling like swollen ankles, it’s much less noticeable. Mainly, the skin over the area looks tight, in contrast to the skin on my other leg. When I sit in the sunshine tiny little wrinkle lines appear as if the swelling/edema has been reduced.

When I sit with sunshine on the area of edema I don’t have pain in my leg later in the day or at night. During the winter when I can’t easily sit in the sunshine, I tend to have pain in my leg. I’m pretty sure the sun’s radiation is doing something good.

As an aside, to sit in the sun and get its benefits you need to use Astaxanthin, rather than sun block. Astaxanthin ~ Read more.

Major Changes in Bumps

6/30/2018 ~ I’ve had so much stress due to the foreclosure of my house, now on appeal. I attribute every decline in my health to the stress.

Three of the most worrying declines have been my feet feeling extremely wooden but with a buzzing feeling, the ends of some of my fingernails beginning to bend over the tip of my fingers, which appears to indicate Serrapeptase does not clear arteries, and a red patch on my nose that reminds me how many times my nose was badly sunburned, thus inviting, they say, skin cancer.

I haven’t been eating yellow onions for their quercetin value. Too much stress to be able to figure out how to get them given that I’m housebound. Quercetin is especially good at warding off skin cancer.

One night my feet were actually jerking, in spasms. It wasn’t painful like a cramp, just very worrying because it was involuntary movement.

I decided that I would soak my feet in Epsom salts with the hope that whatever was causing the problem could be soaked out.

Every other day soaked my feet in a strong solution of Epsom salts. And the next day my feet felt better. But the day after that they felt as if I hadn’t taken any steps to alleviate the problem.


Then, to my surprise, I noticed that the bump at the front of my right leg, below the knee, has sort of dried out. It looks as if I could flick off the scab. All of the following pictures were taken today, 6/30/2018.

The bumps in 2018

Bump right leg below knee looks dried out as if I cold flick off the scab

The bump on my left thigh is almost entirely flat. There’s a raised bit that feels about the size of a grain of sand. The skin is more discolored, a darker color, maybe because of the drying out aspect.

Bump left thigh, almost entirely flat but for a tiny raised bit I can feel at the center which is about the size of a grain of sand

The bump on my left calf is a darker color and looks as if the bump part is compacting.

The bump on my right calf is not spread out the way it used to be.

I wasn’t paying any attention to the bumps because of all the stress, so when I noticed the changes they were a surprise.

It could be that the changes result from all the Swiss cheese I’ve been eating for it’s live B12-making bacteria. I attribute the return of my moons on most of my fingers to the live B12 making bacteria. It’s also possible the changes are from all the Kombucha I’ve been drinking, which is full of live bacteria. Or, the changes could be from all the Epsom salt soaks.

In two weeks I’ll take more pictures. I’m going to keep doing the Epsom salts soaks because having my feet feel so weird is quite scary.


7/21/2018 ~ For sure Serrapeptase never totally removed the bumps. But, it did appear to slow down their growth. At times it reduced them in size.

Best-Serrapeptase 50Serrapeptase

Since I took the Epsom Salt pictures the bump that felt like there was a single grain of sand, has begun to feel as if there’s a little mound of grains of sand. That is, rather than totally going away it’s getting the least bit bigger. I think this is related to tremendous stress recently, making my legs collapse when I try to walk. My feeling, now, is that somehow stress contributes to the growth of those kinds of bumps, the same way it appears to increase plaque affecting cataracts and plaque within the brain affecting memory… I’m not a fan of Stress.

7/6/2021 ~ A couple months ago I did a 6 day fast with no supplements, mainly because I wasn’t hungry and I wondered if not eating might “reset” my body. After the fast I didn’t need as many BComplex capsules to keep from having allergies. I haven’t started using Serrapeptase again.

The bumps have shriveled and been replaced with dark pigmentation. And, the dark pigmentation on the front of my right leg is fading significantly.

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