Uh Oh Glyphosate Wheat

Glyphosate Wheat - Most US wheat is sprayed with glyphosate before harvest
Glyphosate Wheat – Most US wheat is sprayed with glyphosate before harvest

1/26/2017 ~ I was happily unpacking my groceries from Amazon Prime Pantry and snacking on Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil Triscuits. Then I remembered Glyphosate Wheat. 96% of US wheat is sprayed with glyphosate, as in RoundUp, before harvest. Sometimes another desiccant is used, but prior to harvest most U.S. wheat is dried out chemically.

Glyphosate is a weed killer, or in other words, a poison. If you want to kill a dandelion Monsanto suggests you use RoundUp. The subtext is that you should hate dandelions and want to kill them.

Crops are grown in fields that naturally have a variety of weeds.  Weeds, and pests like corn borers, cost farmers money. So, it was easy for Monsanto to persuade farmers to use RoundUp to kill weeds and pests.

But, RoundUp kills. Roundup doesn’t distinguish corn from weeds. Thus, Monsanto might have said, “What a lemon!” to sour such an otherwise profitable plan.

But no, Mosanto went the lemonade route: RoundUp Ready Seeds. Monsanto genetically modified corn, soy and cotton seeds to be “RoundUp Ready”. That is, they grow plants that can withstand Glyphosate as well as having some Glyphosate built in to kill nibbling insects.

No Way

I couldn’t believe our US food crops were grown from seeds that produced plants with poison in their very structure. In fact, when my son visited from London and told me this I argued that it was impossible and very nearly convinced him he was wrong. But, in England there is not the same pro-Monsanto atmosphere as here in the US, so in actual fact my son was right, and I was wrong, wrong, wrong.

An aside: I see that there are a lot of YouTube videos now from English farmers arguing that they want Glyphosate and that leaving the EU to be allowed to use it is a really good idea. Sadness.

As the reality of poison being genetically incorporated into US crops sank in, I could see why vitamin B12 malabsorption is a growing problem. No pun intended. The fact is that all vitamin B12 is made by bacteria.

For instance, since I’ve been eating Swiss cheese with live B12 making bacteria, moons on my fingernails have returned. Methylcobalamin lozenges also made them return, but they stay far better when I eat Swiss cheese. I surmise the reason is that the live B12 making bacteria live on in my digestive system. My guess is that they make fresh B12 for me every day as long as I eat organic food.

Eating organic food, that is food grown without Glyphosate, is key. Or conversely, eating food grown with Glyphosate may explain why so many people are experiencing falling vitamin B12 levels.

Although the amounts of poison that are carried by Genetically Modified Food into the gastrointestinal system are tiny, they are at the same time deadly to the equally tiny good bacteria.

I had no idea about glyphosate wheat

I became aware of glyphosate in corn and soy some years ago and cut them out of my diet, unless the corn and soy were organic. I threw all my GMO foods into the compost. I had been shocked that Betty Crocker 100% Real Mashed Potatoes, contained GMOs. I had mistakenly believed they were as advertised, 100% real potatoes. Still, I had no idea about Glyphosate Wheat. Unbelievable that US wheat crops are pretty uniformly sprayed with glyphosate or another desiccant before harvest.

So, there I was, eating Swiss cheese to reintroduce B12 making bacteria into my system, and then eating a tiny bit of poison that was likely enough to be a fatal to the even tinier bacteria. But, no more! I’m clued in to Glyphosate Wheat at this point and no longer eat wheat products unless they are Organic or from Japan or Italy where GMOs are not allowed.

Author: Karen Kline

When I saw what low vitamin B12 levels did to my health, and how easy it was to raise those levels, I began this website... nearly two decades ago.

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