Uh Oh Glyphosate Wheat

1/26/2017 ~ I was happily unpacking my groceries from Amazon Prime Pantry and snacking on Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil Triscuits when I began to remember that 96% of US wheat is sprayed with glyphosate, as in RoundUp, or another disiccant prior to harvest, to dry it out.

Glyphosate is a weed killer, or in other words, a poison. If you want to kill a dandelion Monsanto suggests you use RoundUp. In fields a variety of weeds could reduce paying crops, but if RoundUp were used on normal crop plants it would kill them, so Monsanto created RoundUp Ready crops which could withstand the Glyphosate and actually had some built in to kill nibbling insects.

I couldn’t believe that our US food crops were being grown from seeds that produced plants that had poison incorporated into their very structure. In fact, when my son visited from London and told me this I argued that it was impossible and very nearly convinced him he was wrong. But, in England there is not the same pro-Monsanto atmosphere as here in the US, so in actual fact my son was right, and I was wrong, wrong, wrong.

As the reality of poison being genetically modified into crops began to sink in, I began to understand why B12 and magnesium absorption are becoming more and more of a problem, and why B12 levels in many people may be falling because of small but deadly amounts of poison getting into the gastrointestinal system and killing the good bacteria to include the bacteria that make vitamin B12. Just to be clear, all vitamin B12 is made by bacteria.

I became aware of glyphosate in corn and soy some years ago and cut them out of my diet, unless the corn and soy were organic. But, I had no idea that wheat crops in the United States are pretty uniformly sprayed with glyphosate or another desiccant prior to harvest.

So, here I am eating Swiss cheese to reintroduce B12 making bacteria into my system, and then eating a tiny bit of poison that is likely enough to be a fatal dose to the even tinier bacteria.

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