Do your legs feel heavy?

For purposes of this post, read "Legs whose potassium is gone."

For purposes of this post, read “Legs whose potassium is gone.”

I’m amazed, happy and super grateful that I can stand without holding on to my Rollator. I can do a few dishes while standing, and I’m getting stronger every day.

What’s this got to do with heavy legs?

A year ago I knew, beyond reason of a doubt, that I could never wear nylons again, I simply could not lift my legs in order to put them on. My legs felt so heavy. “Just a part of getting old,” I thought, sadly.

I remembered how when I had tetanus it was hard to lift my legs, even stepping over a phone cord on the floor was a major endeavor, if it was possible at all. But, I regained a lot of my strength, which is hopeful to keep in mind.

In any case, some months ago I learned that using Methylcobalamin or having B12 shots can cause muscle problems because B12 “heals” blood cells which begin to divide properly again and in so doing begin demanding a lot more potassium. I had been ignorant about potassium, so I wasn’t using more when I should have been, and as a result I was getting some pretty painful muscle spasms.

I incorrectly thought the spasms were from using Too Much Methylcobalamin, with the result I had a bit of heavy metal (cobalt) poisoning. I ordered cilantro capsules, because cilantro is good for removing heavy metals. When I began using the cilantro, I also began using Milk Thistle much more regularly, so that I wouldn’t have a build up of the heavy metal in my liver.

In no time the spasms reduced in severity. I was delighted. But, I still didn’t know about potassium and my legs still felt heavy.

One day, when I was tweeting about the muscle problems, someone replied that using lots of B12 allows red blood cells to become healthy again (which I knew) and in beginning to be healthy the red blood cells start dividing properly and use LOTS of potassium.

Since we ordinarily need about 4,700 mg. of potassium a day, when our blood cells suddenly begin using a lot more potassium there’s a great likelihood that our bodies will be unable to supply our blood cells with as much potassium as they need. As a result we experience “weakness”. Doing things like lifting our legs suddenly becomes hard work, rather than a normal activity.

In any case, what I did was order potassium capsules. When they arrived and I read the label more critically, I realized that 98 mg. of potassium was the proverbial “drop in a bucket” given that I need 4,700 mg. of potassium a day.

Previously I had thought a banana every so often, and potatoes now and then, provided more than enough potassium. Boy, was I wrong. Now I order unsalted peanuts in the shell for the squirrels and me. Peanuts are rich in potassium and protein. (Protein can help reduce pain.)

To my complete and utter surprise, once I began having a lot more potassium every day I regained strength. My legs no longer felt heavy and the shaking I’d been having when I tried to stand up, even walk with my rolling walker, went away.

It wasn’t a miracle, or maybe it was a miracle that someone on Twitter happened so see my post and clue me in to this bit of science. But either way it sure felt Miraculous!

I did a page on potassium, and good foods for potassium.

And, I learned about Maca. I began putting Maca into my coffee each day, and drinking a couple mugs. Maca in coffee is not bad!

Author: Karen Kline

When I saw what low vitamin B12 levels did to my health, and how easy it was to raise those levels, I began this website... nearly two decades ago.

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