For purposes of this post, read "Legs whose potassium is gone."
I read it, “Legs whose potassium is gone.”

11/13/2013 ~ I’m amazed, happy and super grateful that I can stand without holding on to my Rollator. I can do a few dishes while standing, and I’m getting stronger every day.

What’s this got to do with heavy legs?

A year ago I knew, beyond reason of a doubt, that I could never wear nylons again, I simply could not lift my legs in order to put them on. My legs felt so heavy. “Just a part of getting old,” I thought, sadly.

I remembered how when I had tetanus it was hard to lift my legs, even stepping over a phone cord on the floor was a major endeavor, if it was possible at all. But, I regained a lot of my strength, which is hopeful to keep in mind.

In any case, some months ago I learned that using Methylcobalamin or having B12 shots can cause muscle problems because B12 “heals” blood cells which begin to divide properly again and in so doing begin demanding a lot more potassium. I had been ignorant about potassium, so I wasn’t using more when I should have been, and as a result I was getting some pretty painful muscle spasms.

I incorrectly thought the spasms were from using Too Much Methylcobalamin, with the result I had a bit of heavy metal (cobalt) poisoning. I ordered cilantro capsules, because cilantro is good for removing heavy metals. When I began using the cilantro, I also began using Milk Thistle more regularly, so that I wouldn’t have a build up of the heavy metal in my liver.

In no time the spasms reduced in severity. I was delighted. But, I still didn’t know about potassium and my legs still felt heavy.

One day, when I was tweeting about the muscle problems, someone replied that using lots of B12 allows red blood cells to become healthy again (which I knew) and in beginning to be healthy the red blood cells start dividing properly and use LOTS of potassium (which I hadn’t known).


Since we ordinarily need about 4,700 mg. of potassium a day, when our blood cells suddenly begin using a lot more potassium there’s a great likelihood that our bodies will be unable to supply our blood cells with as much potassium as they need. As a result we experience “weakness”. Doing things like lifting our legs suddenly becomes hard work, rather than a normal activity.

In any case, what I did was order potassium capsules… When they arrived and I read the label more critically, I realized that 98 mg. of potassium was the proverbial “drop in a bucket” given that I need 4,700 mg. of potassium a day.

Previously I had thought a banana every so often, and potatoes now and then, provided more than enough potassium. Boy, was I wrong. Now I order unsalted peanuts in the shell for the squirrels and me. Peanuts are rich in potassium and protein. (Protein can help reduce pain.)

To my complete and utter surprise, once I began having a lot more potassium every day I regained strength. My legs no longer felt heavy and the shaking I’d been having when I tried to stand up, even walk with my rolling walker, went away.

It wasn’t a miracle, or maybe it was a miracle that someone on Twitter happened so see my post and clue me in to this bit of science. But either way it sure felt Miraculous!

I did a chart showing foods with potassium.

And, I learned about Maca. I began putting Maca into my coffee each day, and drinking a couple mugs. Maca in coffee is not bad!