Yogurt defeats h.pylori

Yogurt with its army of micro-organisms protects your health

Yogurt’s army of micro-organisms protects your health

Yogurt inhibits h.pylori

h.pylori is a serious problem that has been thriving, and delighting in our ignorance, while it deals out illness and death.

A 2008 study from the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland showed that Lactobacillus in yogurt inhibits the growth of h.pylori.

You can learn an easy way to see if h.pylori is in your stomach lining and see a picture of h.pylori here.

When you have less h.pylori in your stomach you have less chance of getting peptic ulcers and stomach cancer. Less h.pylori also helps you get more magnesium and vitamin B12 from your food.

When you have good stores of B12 in your body you improve your memory, balance, mood, and even your blood cell health! Yogurt can be a great help to you in achieving this. Yogurt, and its lactobacillus, also help you feel less stressed and even reduce asthma attacks.



Speaking of probiotics

A friend on Twitter was talking about his Makgeolli. He’s in Korea and makes this kind of rice wine. Apparently it has more good bacteria than yogurt. So, I’m giving it a try… that is, making Makeolli. Read more.

Yogurt reduces asthma symptoms

After I read articles about yogurt reducing asthma symptoms I ate the recommended 6oz. of yogurt daily. In three months I had few asthma attacks. Later still I had none.

Today, a new study of probiotic bacteria found in yogurt says the Lactobacillus significantly regulate emotional behavior via GABA receptors in the brain.

Javier Bravo at University College Cork in Ireland, fed normal lab mice a diet full of probiotics, then tested for significant behavioral changes.

When probiotic-fed mice were stressed by being dropped into a pool of water, they were less anxious and released less stress hormone.

When researchers snipped the nerve connecting gut to brain it stopped changes.

Stress, asthma and yogurt

Jarrow Methyl B12, 5000mcg, 60 Lozenges

Jarrow Methyl B12 5000 mcg

Years ago my doctor in London said asthma was linked to stress. Many health problems are. Stress appears to help bad bacteria like h.pylori flourish in the gut, resulting in an inability to absorb vitamin B12 from food. Low B12 causes damage to blood cells and nerves. Mood, memory, balance, and sensation are a few things affected by damaged blood cells and nerves.

Endometriosis and Yogurt


e.coli, salmonella, listeria, cancer, candida and their nemesis, Yogurt

In 2000, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published Immunologic effects of yogurt. The study dealt with the immune mechanisms by which yogurt and lactic acid bacteria (like lactobacillus) have therapeutic and preventive effects on diseases such as cancer, infection, gastrointestinal disorders, and asthma.

Good, and VERY helpful Lactobacillus micro-organisms

Good, and VERY helpful Lactobacillus micro-organisms

The primary way yogurt stimulates immunity is by changing your gastrointestinal micro-ecology. That is, yogurt’s Lactobacillus (LAB) suppresses growth of pathogenic bacteria in the intestines. This reduces infection and heightens anticarcinogenic effects.

The amount of immune stimulation is related to the amount of contact with tissue. To have contact the LAB must survive gastric acid. Some strains of LAB are better at surviving than others. Within the Lactobacillus genus, L. acidophilus is more resistant to gastric juice than is conventional lactic culture, L. bulgaricus, and is more resistant than S. thermophilus. Of the 4 Bifidobacterium species studied (B. infantis, B. bifidum, B. adolescentis, and B. longum), B. longum is the most resistant to gastric acid.

When you eat yogurt the LAB that survive GI gastric acid adhere to epithelial cells in the wall of your GI tract and stimulate the lymphoid tissue which then produces more cytokine, phagocytic activity, antibodies, better T cell function, and better natural killer (NK) cell activity.

This multi faceted immune enhancement reduces cancer, GI disorders, and allergic symptoms.

But, what are cytokines? Cytokines are protein mediators produced by immune cells. Cytokines are involved in cell growth, immunity, and inflammation.

What’s phagocytic activity? Phagocytic activity is the killing of microbes including bacterial pathogens to include Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella typhimurium, Listeria monocytogenes, and Candida albicans.

Well, that’s pretty impressive, isn’t it? It sounds as if we need phagocytic activity to protect us from e.coli salmonella, listeria and candida.  Who knew?

Yes, yogurt changes the ecology of your gastrointestinal system with tremendous health benefits, but yogurt is not a cure all. It is an excellent preventative measure given that the main functions of the immune system are to eliminate invading viruses and foreign micro-organisms, to rid the body of damaged tissue, and to destroy neoplasms (abnormal tissue formations, as for instance tissue characteristic of cancer) and, indeed, to destroy cancer in the body.

Abundant evidence shows that specific bacterial species in yogurt have exactly the powerful antipathogenic and anti-inflammatory properties that you need.

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Smile Making cow video

1/29/2014 ~ Here is a smile making video of cows which were scheduled for slaugher since their calf bearing and milk giving years of highest production were over. But, instead they were given a grassy pasture. Watch as they literally jump for joy! Imagine how much heathier milk is, from happy cows.

The above video always brings tears to my eyes.

I think that if I can just keep Wells Fargo from taking my home and garden, I will be as happy as those cows.

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