Beating Stress


7/26/21 ~ I’m not good at meditating. Shutting off my brain when I’m beset with stress isn’t one of my skills. Perhaps if I spent more time mastering it…

Recently enormous stress was damaging my health. I was dizzy, my hand shook when I held my cell phone, and this odd feeling in my head felt like the family history of stroke was coming to give me a permanent rest.

Meanwhile, a grey, less than appealing nursery pot was in my face. Amazon offered great replacement pots but the cost was less attractive than the grey of the pot I had. As per usual, I turned to PInterest for help. Thus, I found covering pots with fabric. The approach required Mod Podge and of course you needed suitable/attractive fabric. All in all it seemed demanding when what I wanted was to escape stress.

The grey nursery pot

I wondered if I could use peel and stick wall paper, which works great on walls. One Pinterest account showed how to roll your pot over your fabric, tracing the path of the edges, to get a perfect fitting piece of fabric. So why not use peel and stick?

I went for Watercolor Trellis

I couldn’t very well roll the pot with the plant in it to get a perfect fitting piece of the peel and stick so I decided to cut out the colored bits and stick them in place. My first attempt left a lot to be desired. Painting the grey bits to give the look more cohesive suggested a lot of painting mess. I wasn’t keen.

I peeled all the bits and began sticking them so that they overlapped. The effect appealed to my inner Monet. For a while I thought the irregular grey at the bottom looked innovative-arty. I considered leaving grey at both top and bottom.

But in the end finishing my project won out, partially because it was taking rather long to put all the pieces in place, and during the time I worked on the pot I was Stress Free. It was amazing to me that all the things that had been drilling stress craters into my brain were no match for the fun of creating a new look for my pot.

I love the pot! I can turn it for different looks. The top is a bit wonky, I know. By the time I figured out how to do a better job, I was losing interest. Overall, peel and stick on pots is super fun, gives good results, and most importantly: banishes stress. Just to be clear, the big pot took more than 7 hours, all effectively stress free. I came to settle for the wonky top rather than stress over trying for perfection. Ha!

Below is my first pot. I rolled an empty pot over the paper, making a perfect pattern, then it took a minute to stick the pattern to an empty pot. A plant in a similar pot fit inside the covered pot. Voila!

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