Welcome to my New, Recreated Site

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I still have a few things to do before I can “redirect” visitors (You) from my old site to this, the recreated version ~~ By the time you read this, I will have done them.

I hope you like it! I think it’s the same, but much better!

I switched to WordPress because after trying all summer to get my site to show up well on tablets and mobile, and pretty much failing, so that I wished I’d been gardening instead, I’m ready for a bit of success.

After all, there’s no point in working really hard to present good information if it can’t be seen properly on the screen someone is using ~ the screen You are using!

When I started my site

I’ve been thinking back on when I started my site. There wasn’t any information on the internet about fingernails and health. All I could find were a few comments by Thessa Jupp, R.N., which I still show on my Vitamin B12 and Fingernails page. I was So Glad there was something to give a bit of verification to what I was sure I had identified when I saw the huge ridges on my fingernails, then saw them reduce in size as I had vitamin B12 replacement.

Today there are a vast number of web pages dealing with health and fingernails, even the Mayo Clinic has a page.

So, my goal, my strong desire to show people how they can keep an eye on their nerve health, and thus be able to take care of their nerves so that their nerves transmit less pain, more joy and pleasure, even when they are dealing with major stress ~ stress appears to eat up B12 as if it were popcorn ~ has been fruitful. Happiness!!!!

Karen Kline ~ October 16, 2013

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