Wheat Crackers vs Organic Corn Chips

1/29/2017 ~ In an attempt to avoid the sugar in Cheerios, and particularly on Ancient Grains Cheerios I began trying crackers for breakfast. Then I ran into reports about 96% of U.S. wheat being sprayed with glyphosate prior to harvest to dry the wheat out. Glyphosate is in RoundUp and is an effective killer. GMO crops have been genetically modified to resist being killed by RoundUp, and in the industry are marketed as RoundUp Ready.

Glyphosate has not been tested for human safety beyond 3 months. It turns out that for the first three months of exposure to Glyphosate and GMO foods, your body isn’t effected. The problems come later, which is likely why the tests are short in duration. It’s important to remember that Michael Taylor, a top Monsanto lawyer, was put in the FDA by different presidents, and GMOs have not been targeted by the FDA.


So, Wheat Crackers of the non-Organic variety. I chose Nabisco Triscuit Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil, Nabisco Toasted Pita Wheat Thins, and Keebler Focaccia. The first thing I noticed was that the serving size varied, with a dramatic effect on how ingredients like salt/sodium appeared.

Nabisco says its serving size is 28 and 29 grams, respectively. Keebler says 3 of its Focaccia crackers are a serving at 14 grams. Nabisco’s Triscuits are 9 ounce boxes, their Toasted Pita are 8 ounce boxes. Keebler Focaccia has 9 ounce boxes. Which boils down to a relatively similar overall content. What is not similar is the amount of sodium. For example, the Focaccia, which is 95 mg for every 14 grams of cracker appears at first glance to have the least sodium. Triscuit has 140 mg of sodium, and Toasted Pita has 160 mg. So Keebler’s 95 mg of sodium seems the best by far.. until you realize that to actually compare you have to double the Keebler amount because the cracker serving is half the size. Once you equalize the serving size, Keebler’s Focaccia have 190 mg of sodium for a serving the size of that shown by Triscuits and Toasted Pita.

I’m not good at math, so if I were looking at these boxes in a grocery store, rather than with my computer calculator to hand, I’d likely let myself be convinced by Keebler, to the detriment of my health… if salt were an issue for me.

of Eatin
of Eatin
Blue Chips
No Salt
Fat2 g3.5 g4.5 g7 g7 g7 g
Trans Fat0.
Sodium140 mg140 mg160 mg190 mg130 mg10 mg
Potassium180 mg115 mg60 mgnot shownnot shownnot shown
Carbohydrate20 g20 g20 g18 g17 g18 g
Sugar1 g0.<1 g
Protein3 g3 g3 g2 g2 g2 g
Vitamin A10% rda0.0% rda0.0% rda0.0% rda0.0% rda0.0 rda
Vitamin C10% rda0.0% rda0.0% rda0.0% rda0.0% rda0.0 rda
Calcium10% rda0.0% rda0.0% rda0.0% rda0.0% rda2% rda
Iron45% rda8% rda6% rda2% rda4% rda2% rda
Phosphorus10% rda10% rdanot shownnot shownnot shownnot shown

rda is Recommended Dietary Allowance

I also compared the crackers and chips to Cheerios. Since childhood decades ago Cheerios has been my favorite cereal. I’ve come to wonder, however, if Organic Chips might not be a better choice. After all, if most U.S. grown wheat is sprayed with Glyphosate prior to harvest, is it likely that U.S. oat crops are sprayed with the same desiccant prior to harvest? If so, then Organic Blue Corn Chips, No Salt Added, are a better breakfast choice.

Uh Oh Glyphosate Wheat ~ Read about it.


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